Classic Old English Bread Pudding

English Bread Pudding

English Bread Pudding 2

The two times that I ate bread pudding, they were at my company dinner and dance functions (at different places and with different companies, pun intended). The puddings were oh-so-nice soft and silky, the kind that really melts in your mouth. The flavours and fragrance from the vanilla essence was subtle yet deeply infused in the custard within the bread pudding. It was an unforgettable experience which made me want to try out a bread pudding recipe at home to treat myself as well.

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红油抄手 – Spicy Sichuan Chilli Oil Wanton

Sichuan Spicy Wanton 3

Sichuan Spicy Wanton 2

I love this dish. It’s sour, spicy, juicy and tender all at the same time. It is simply delicious. Irresistible.

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家常便饭 - 蒸鳕鱼 (Steamed Cod Fish)

Steamed Cod

Steamed Cod 2

This dish yells ‘home-cooked’ food to the max. It’s simple to prepare, requiring only a few ingredients and basic condiments and very minimal cooking time and efforts.

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家常便饭 - 腐乳排骨 (Pork Ribs Braised With Fermented Bean Curd)

Fermented Beancurd Pork Ribs 2

Fermented Beancurd Pork Ribs

The last of my fermented bean curd stock in the kitchen. I’m glad to have saved it for this recipe because the ribs are simply delicious! Didn’t know until now how miraculously tasty dishes could turn into using this ingredient alone. Amazing!

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Silky Soft Chawanmushi (茶碗蒸し)

Chawanmushi 3


Somebody has been bugging me about making Japanese dishes for quite a while now. He’s been immersed in the Japanese culture since the last quarter of last year and apparently getting into the J-jazz nowadays.

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