Anne Frank Haus: Ein Museum Mit Einer Geschichte



I started reading this book very coincidentally. The boy was playing at the settee where the books at home are shelved and I was seated right where the books are. Looking after him could be a prolonged chore, so I decided to reach out for a book – this book – and started to read it. I could not bring myself to stop and thence finished reading it quite quickly.

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Brain-Freeze Frappuccino Right At Home


Frappuccino 2

I rarely have the chance to eat junk food or drink softies or such nowadays. We rarely eat out – the three of us – reason being it’s difficult to find decent food to feed the little boy out of the house. When we do, it has to be real decent food. Which means mummy and daddy cannot sneak in any junks or cold drinks too because the little boy is smart and will want a share of it too.

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Chicken Thighs In A Creamy Tomato & Basil Gravy

Sundried and Basil Chicken Thigh 2

Sundried and Basil Chicken Thigh 3

I have not been using my dutch oven for a while now, ever since I bought the pressure cooker. Time is precious nowadays – every single minute and second of it. Using the pressure cooker gives me that little bit more time to interact with the little one over the weekend. I even resort to cooking fried rice in the pressure cooker now. I must say, I am getting the hang of estimating the right amount of rice and water for my fried rice. No more soggy and wet fried rice out of the pressure cooker anymore.

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Simple Pan-Fried Salmon With Couscous Salad

Salmon with Couscous Salad

Salmon with Couscous Salad 3

I had couscous salad for the first time at a recent lunch appointment. It was at the Privé café. I ordered a grilled salmon served with couscous. I remember the taste very vividly – fresh, crunchy, citrus, light and a little lemony sour. The salad went really well with the salmon, neutralising and ridding it of its possibly fishy and oily tastes.

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Casual Caprese Tarts With My Favourite Toppings

Caprese Tart

Caprese Tart 2

It’s really simple to make, yet they look kind of elegant and sophisticated. Colourful – green and red. Fun. Lively. Carefree. You really could choose any toppings you like to go with the pastry.

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