Dorayaki Pancake For Baby Bear, Mummy Bear & Daddy Bear

Dorayaki Pancake 2

Dorayaki Pancake 5

I grew up watching the Doraemon cartoon series. Every Saturday afternoon, I would sit down in front of the television and watch a little boy named Nobita Nobi get bullied first, and then get revenged or rescued by his best friend and buddy, Doraemon. I always envied the fact that this boy was able to have such an amazing friend who lived with him and who tended to his every need with fanciful tricks and props that could all be pulled out from that amazingly small and compact little front pouch of his.

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Seaweed Truffle Noodles With A Kick

Seaweed Truffle Noodles 3

Seaweed Truffle Noodles

How do you make cheap noodles taste extravagant? Add in extravagant ingredients and toss them together. It’s very simple.

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Cheesy Corn Fritters

Corn Fritter 4

Corn Fritter 2

I love this recipe for its cheesy attempt.

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Crispy Seafood Tofu With A Soft & Silken Surprise!

Seafood Tofu 3

Seafood Tofu

I love eating tofu – the silken soft and smooth beancurd that melts in your mouth. Braised tofu, steamed tofu with minced pork, stir-fried egg tofu, home-made egg tofu, mapo tofu etc – you name it, I’ve most likely done it.

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Fusion Seafood Instant Noodles

Seafood Fusion Instant Noodles 2

Seafood Fusion Instant Noodles

There are a hundred million and one ways to cook instant noodles. All you need, really, is your imagination and a well stocked-up cupboard. Use a condiment one day and another the next. Mix and match your ingredients. Think fusion. Think simple.

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