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Authentically Singapore Prawn Noodles

Whenever I see prawn noodles, I think back to the times when my parents brought all of us to the prawn noodle stall near Pasir Panjang, along the shophouses at the main road headed towards Haw Par Villa. I can’t … Read more

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The Almost Non-Existent Singapore Noodles In Singapore

It all started when we were both staying in the UK back in 2010. Packets of what were termed as ‘Singapore Noodles‘ were commonly seen on the shelves of many supermarkets – Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury, Waitrose, Tesco. We were … Read more

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Happy 49th Birthday Singapore!

It wasn’t a very successful experiment: the texture was too soft (the layers cannot be peeled off easily) and the sweetness a tad lacking. But the whole point of this experiment was to make a Singapore flag, an attempt which … Read more

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Daylight HDR On A Hazeless Blue Day

Bluish calmness of the lake beneath a clear sky Lush greenery mirrored by the reflections in the lake I recently went prancing around with my camera (and the guy) again. I decided I had to take advantage of the return … Read more

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The Singapore Story: Memoirs Of Lee Kuan Yew

It was too tempting not to read this autobiography after finishing the book by Mohamad Mahathir, just to see how different both politicians’ perspectives were and how these supposedly existing enmities between us and our neighbours arose in the mid … Read more

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