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This is a homepage about me, what I like to do, and to share them with you.

20th Feb 11

After an eternity of inactivity, I've finally added a (still empty) blog, that I've always wanted to have. In this blog, I would like to share tidbits of things that I've learnt (most likely the hard way), and hopefully that can benefit someone without suffering the pain that I would have had.

19th Feb 09

Finally MultiClipboard plugin for Notepad++ has reached version 2.0.0 milestone! This means it has everything that I'd originally planned for, which is basically everything that was in version 1.4, but with a better internal implementation and a few additional features. New additions from preview 2 are: 1) cyclic paste buffer option in place of paste menu, 2) auto copy of text selection, and 3) middle click pasting. More details here...

22th Nov 08

Here is yet another update to MultiClipboard plugin for Notepad++. Its been a while, and there are a bit of changes: mainly update to unicode version, added user settings, updates to look and feel, enable UI display in other languages, and last but not least, the classic pop-up paste menu that this plugin started off originally with! More details here...

9th Nov 08

I dabble with unity build using Irrlicht engine, and have gotten rather impressive improvements to build timings! This can be further improved with more optimisations. More details here...

6th Nov 08

I've starting a compilation of my own useful utility classes, starting with LoonySettingsManager, a class for managing program settings, and stored in xml format. Its collectively known as LoonyLib, and they're all dedicated to the public domain!

27th Jun 08

After such a long time, I've finally added new contents to my site! Here's Falling Bricks, a plugin version of mini tetris for Notepad++. Been going on slowly with these mini projects due to a lack of free time.

4th Jan 08

Happy New Year to all! May 2008 be a fulfilling and peaceful year.

In the past couple of months, there were some updates to Textured GUI skin to keep it in sync with Irrlicht 1.4, as well as a patch to MultiClipboard plugin for Notepad++ contributed by someone. Hope it all will benefit someone. :-)

18th Oct 07

600 downloads for Multi-Clipboard plugin (MCP)! Thanks to Don Ho, the developer of Notepad++ for updating the N++ website with my plugin roughly 2 weeks ago. My site have now received much higher traffic daily, mostly to get the Multi-Clipboard plugin. All you people come from 66 countries all around the world! This gives me greater motivation to upgrade the plugin and provide more useful functionalities for everyone. Thank you all for your support! :-)

Speaking of which, I know its been quite a while since I've added anything. Had been busy with my new job (Game Programmer!!! =-O ), and hoping to finish up what left of laim (see previous post) that I wanted to do. Honestly, I can't commit a time frame yet. But I had already found a couple of useful tidbits of code that will prove useful in solving some of the more challenging aspects of what I plan to do for MCP. Do contact me if there's any suggestions for me. Stay tune!!!

17th Jul 07

Presenting a prototype of laim! So far its an A* pathfinding library. Currently still very primitive, with much more work to do. Do contact me if there's any feedback.

13th Jul 07

Its been a long time without updates. Hopefully I can get ready a preview of what I'm currently doing online next week if there's time...

07th Jun 07

Macro for removing trailing whitespaces from source files in Visual Studio .NET added!

18th May 07

Released version 1.2 of Multi-clipboard plugin for Notepad++. Check it out here!

11th May 07

After a month of slaying demons and other creatures, I'm finally back to programming, with a simple IniFileReader implementation.

1st Apr 07

Added a contact me page. It was harder to program then I think :-( I should also be spending more time on game programming then web programming :-(

29th Mar 07

Finally implemented the left column menu in the way I want it! Its a cultural shock to change from Php 5 to Php 4. Also added a Multi-Clipboard plugin to Notepad++, as well as added individual pages for each of the programming projects.

2nd Mar 07

Added WebFileBrowser-TinyMce Integration project onto my site. Hope it is use for you too! :-)

21th Feb 07

The new site design is live! Hope you will like it :-)
Spotted some rendering issues with Internet Explorer, which I will look into. Should have remembered to test with IE :-(

15th Feb 07

What's the success about? Well, as you can see on this page, I've updated it to the new design. Well, its actually just a static html page. But on my own computer, I've already created a fully functional php site. It even have a file browser/editor, which I've integrated tinymce html editor. This means I can simply edit my own html pages online using wysiwyg interface, thus simplifying my content creation! Just need to get the page authentication working and I'm set to deploy it live!

14th Feb 07

Success!!! And Happy Valentine's Day too! :-)

9th Feb 07

Well, things can only get better :-) I quite like this third revision of my webpage design...

8th Feb 07

How about this one? I came up with another design, hopefully this one looks better? hmm...

3rd Feb 07

My friend commented that my page layout and design looks quite unpro, and I agree. So I tried to use a better ready made solution. After searching around, I found Mambo CMS. Looks good, features are complete, and GPL :-) I'm now giving it a test spin here(link has been removed).

But after trying it for a couple of weeks, I'm still trying hard to figure out how to do this and that. And bad thing is the end result is not exactly what I have in mind. It is also slow, compounded to yahoo server's slowness :-( If you have any comments or feedback, can send it via the Contact us page.

Chances are that I will come up with my own better and improved site design by myself ... one of these days ... hmm...

18th Jan 07

Finally migrated from a self-hosted home server to a permanent webhost, after my 7 year old laptop start to show problems. Thought that migration is easy, just (1) export-import MySql database, (2) ftp upload all my files, (3) tweak a bit of setting, and its done.

Wrong! This server is using PHP 4.x while I was using PHP 5.x, and my script for generating the page links become kaputt :-( Had been spending the past couple of days debugging, but to no avail yet. As a short term measure, I converted all my pages to static html to put here.

Since this is a fresh start, I will delete most of this page's updates, and restart from here. Pretty much nothing has change from self-hosting to perm hosting. Enjoy!

05 Oct 2005 - Some ramblings:

This is the trial deployment of my personal website. Trying my hand for the first time on PHP. The dynamic menu column on the left is the first PHP script that I've ever written. Not bad eh? :-P

Currently, my server is a WAMP (Windows, Apache, MySql, PHP) platform, and I'll eventually shift it to a FAMP (F = FreeBSD) for permanent deployment. I've a spare machine collecting dust already, and all it needs is a harddisk + a FreeBSD installation. Development is done on my PC, running SUSE Linux 9.2.

This leads to something new and crappy that I just learnt about: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 do not support transparent png images. You see, my logo (on the top left of this page) was originally a png image, and it works happily on Firefox and Konqueror, as well as Windows Picture and Fax Viewer... until my wife open up my page in Maxthon, then I saw a border around it. Now I'd replaced the logo with a gif, which has a slightly poor resolution. You can still see the original png here.

A quick scan of google confirms the problem, and some workarounds are available here and here. So much for the 5 year old (?) mos t popular web browser in the world...

Ok, enough rambling... Time to get on to work. Currently trying to fool around with, in no particular order,
  1. Tons of things in my life, and if there's any time left,
  2. My website,
  3. Maya 6.5,
  4. Cg (C for graphics),
  5. Irrlicht engine (Maya obj + mtl file loader),
  6. Realistic ocean water
  7. and on and on and on...
Have some fun around here, and do drop by once in a couple of weeks (yes, that's how slow I am), and maybe you'll see some new things... :-)

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The contents on this site is still in the process of being built up.

New things will come up as and when its ready. Stay tuned =-)