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Simple Avocado & Olive Oil Popsicles

This week sees some renovation works happening at home. We are re-doing the bedroom for the boy and taking this chance to create more storage spaces for the rest of the house including the kitchen, living room and study room. … Read more

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Hoisin Style Tofu Mushroom Stir-Fry

This is a nice and simple dish with all my favourite ingredients combined – tofu, spinach, mushrooms. The sauce is a godsend because it helps to elevate the ingredients and make them so tasty, with or without rice. All in … Read more

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Simple & Plain Yaki Onigiri

‘Yaki’ means grilled, while onigiri means ‘rice ball’. I love this very simple recipe of yaki onigiri. It is clean, dense, filling and lovely as a meal. The crisp and browned sides of the onigiri makes them look very tempting … Read more

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Rice Noodles In Hoisin Peanut Sauce

For all of the noodle lovers out there, this bowl of rice noodles coated in thick hoisin peanut sauce is a lovely way to get your daily dose in a different way. It’s sweeter because of the hoisin sauce, but … Read more

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Seri Kuih Muka (Nyonya Glutinous Rice Kueh with Pandan Custard)

I did it! I finally made a decent seri kuih muka all by myself. It is such a sweet little triumph. I need to give myself a little pat on my back.

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