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Tofu & Seaweed Prawn Balls In A Brown Gravy

Christmas is coming soon, so I’m rounding up my recipes to prepare for the festive season. Thinking of what to blog about from next weekend onwards, as well as the presents I need to start buying for everyone. I’ll need … Read more

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Tangy Balsamic Chicken Instant Noodles

I finally have time to take a breather this weekend. It has been a crazy two weeks as well as a crazy few months leading up to a project deadline. I miss my cooking and everything.

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Very Soft & Fluffy Cheese & Onion Bread

I love home-baked bread so much! I can eat them for my meals any time of the day. Bread is breakfast, lunch and dinner for me. That’s how delicious they are to me.

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Cheesy & Addictive Risotto Frittata

Frittata roughly translates to ‘fried’ in Italian. It is a dish made with eggs, resembling an omelette or quiche that is cooked in a shallow pan, usually with additional ingredients in the omelette such as vegetables, tomatoes, ham or cheese. … Read more

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Potato Wedge & Seafood Pie

To be very honest, this dish sounds funny to me. The whole idea looks warped, but I decided to give it a go anyway, after quite a long deliberation.

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