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Weekend At The Beamish Museum – A World Famous Open Air Museum

It’s always necessary to reward myself with some treats for finishing my homework on time. I think I’m here to play more than to study… I’m dead meat. But my professor told the class that the Beamish museum is a … Read more

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A Weekend Out & About But Still In County Durham

This morning, we went to the Sainsbury and Asda at the Arnison Centre again for our groceries, but this time with Anna, a nice Ukrainian girl who stays next block. It was great chatting with her during lunch time at … Read more

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Matriculation Day Is When Dreams Begin

It’s been a week of getting to know people, meeting acquaintances (what the Germans would term ‘Bekannten’) and making small talks. I’ve been putting myself up to the challenge, getting myself up to the job, and telling myself that I’m … Read more

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Rarity Is A Day So Fine And Dandy

Earlier in the day yesterday, an Iranian lady, Rayhana, was extremely friendly and kindhearted enough to bring us to the suburban area – Arnison Centre – to look at where we could possibly find cheap steals. There were so many … Read more

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Walking Tour In Durham City Center During Induction Week 1

I’m dead tired. My feet are planning to go on a strike, if I walk any longer today. The Keenan House, where I’m staying in, is about a 15 – 20 minutes walk from the city centre. And there in … Read more

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