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Simple Avocado & Olive Oil Popsicles

This week sees some renovation works happening at home. We are re-doing the bedroom for the boy and taking this chance to create more storage spaces for the rest of the house including the kitchen, living room and study room. … Read more

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Brain-Freeze Lime Sorbet

Just returned from a trip to Hong Kong. It was tiring this time, but nevertheless a good, long enough break from work, a much desired one that I have been looking forward to. Sorry for the two weeks long hiatus … Read more

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Carrot & Honey Bread Full Of Sweetness & Love

I absolutely love the sweetness in this bread. The taste is very refreshing, definitely pleasing not just for the adults, but also for the children’s palettes. There isn’t a hint of the yeast at all, so all you taste is … Read more

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Very Easy Orange Muffins!

This is a very simple recipe to follow, which makes the weekend a lot easier and comfortable. Imagine waking up a nice tray of piping hot muffins right out of the oven. Mmmm…..

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Grilled Pineapple Chicken Skewers

I recently watched quite a few shows on Netflix that made me think about life. One of these documentaries was One Deep Breath. It documented the journey of two free divers who pursued their passion in life to dive freely in … Read more

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