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Simple & Plain Yaki Onigiri

‘Yaki’ means grilled, while onigiri means ‘rice ball’. I love this very simple recipe of yaki onigiri. It is clean, dense, filling and lovely as a meal. The crisp and browned sides of the onigiri makes them look very tempting … Read more

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Korean Kimchi & Beansprout Rice Bowl

This is the last recipe of the year 2023. I’ve chosen a Korean recipe to end this year, but for no specific reasons really. Not ending on a bad note, but neither is it a particularly good one. The wars … Read more

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Cheesy & Addictive Risotto Frittata

Frittata roughly translates to ‘fried’ in Italian. It is a dish made with eggs, resembling an omelette or quiche that is cooked in a shallow pan, usually with additional ingredients in the omelette such as vegetables, tomatoes, ham or cheese. … Read more

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Italian Lobster & Corn Risotto

My birthday week came and went. I kind of enjoyed myself most of the week, except for an episode which I had with the boy. Otherwise, it was good and mostly relaxing. I was blessed with a not-so-kind-but-good-enough and extremely … Read more

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Japanese Sushi Bacon Roll

This weekend is a bummer. The boy is having high fever again, for the second time this year. So I can’t really cook much if I have one less person at home to enjoy the food that I cook.

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