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Poached Salmon In Coconut Sauce

The weather this week is hot – burning hot. But I love it because I could plan ahead for activities over the long weekend without worrying about the rain.

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Crispy Peppersalt Squid

It is the end of the lohei season, finally. And honestly, I’ve had one of the worst loheis this year, because the tray was filled with leafy lettuces and there were more leafy greens than there were other ingredients. So … Read more

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Potato Wedge & Seafood Pie

To be very honest, this dish sounds funny to me. The whole idea looks warped, but I decided to give it a go anyway, after quite a long deliberation.

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A Surprisingly Good Plate Of Sweet & Sour Prawns!

This is a really lovely dish of sweet and sour prawns. I love how easy it is to cook the dish, something that can be easily accomplished within a short span of 15min after I reach home from a day … Read more

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Roasted Salmon Fillet With A Medieval White Wine Sauce

Take a Salmond, and cut him rounde, chyne and all, and roste the pieces on a gredire; And take wyne, and pouder of Canell, and drawe it thorgh a streynour; And take smale myced oynons, and caste there-to, and let … Read more

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