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Eggs Benedict But Not For Breakfast

It’s the first weekend of Christmas. My favourite festive season of the year is finally here!

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Cheesy & Addictive Risotto Frittata

Frittata roughly translates to ‘fried’ in Italian. It is a dish made with eggs, resembling an omelette or quiche that is cooked in a shallow pan, usually with additional ingredients in the omelette such as vegetables, tomatoes, ham or cheese. … Read more

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Eggs Mimosa (Devilled Eggs)

Theme for the weekend – green is for Christmas. With leaves and eggs and all things nice.

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Classic Runny Scrambled Eggs

This year was bad, but as human beings, we always try to squeeze some goods out of the bads. I am very fortunate to be able to have a family who loves me, and friends who still remember me (and … Read more

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Shoyu Tamago (Japanese Soy Sauce Egg)

Shoyu tamago is a type of egg marinated overnight with soy sauce in Japanese style. The recipe requires enough skills to cook the eggs right such that the yolks are still slightly runny and cooked only three-quarters through. Once done, … Read more

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