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Home Baked Pandan Yoghurt Cake

This recipe is an easy bake. Nothing can go wrong if you follow the steps and proportions accordingly. It is a great way to bake some snacks for your children to bring to school or to bring along during their … Read more

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Poached Salmon In Coconut Sauce

The weather this week is hot – burning hot. But I love it because I could plan ahead for activities over the long weekend without worrying about the rain.

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Creamy Coconut Mushroom Udon Noodles

This recipe of udon noodles with a rich coconut broth makes for a very delicious soupy dish to slurp up in the middle of the day. If you love coconut, this is the dish for you. Using udon noodles here … Read more

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My Not So Nice Looking Hot Dog Bread Rolls

I love how this recipe makes use of all the different parts of the bread such that there isn’t wastage at all. Using the edges of the bread to blitz into breadcrumbs, and adding in some flavours then, help to … Read more

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Home-Cooked Food – Slow Cooker Harvest Chicken & Vegetables

I haven’t made a one-pot slow cooker dish in a while. Probably also because work-from-home is gradually fading away to become a phrase of the past, and as such, it’s not so easy to manage dishes that are being slow … Read more

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