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Potato Wedge & Seafood Pie

To be very honest, this dish sounds funny to me. The whole idea looks warped, but I decided to give it a go anyway, after quite a long deliberation.

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Carrot & Honey Bread Full Of Sweetness & Love

I absolutely love the sweetness in this bread. The taste is very refreshing, definitely pleasing not just for the adults, but also for the children’s palettes. There isn’t a hint of the yeast at all, so all you taste is … Read more

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A Surprisingly Good Plate Of Sweet & Sour Prawns!

This is a really lovely dish of sweet and sour prawns. I love how easy it is to cook the dish, something that can be easily accomplished within a short span of 15min after I reach home from a day … Read more

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A Most Flavoursome Eurasian Tim Soup

This is the Eurasian take on salted vegetable soup cooked with pork ribs and tomatoes. The Chinese dialect goups (Teochew and Hokkien) have their own versions too, for instance, Teochews love using duck to cook their soup. This version uses … Read more

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Medieval Capon Chicken Crowned With Eggs

Capouns in councy. Take capouns adn rost hem right hoot, that they be not half ynough, and hewe hem to gobettes, and cast hem in a pot; do therto clene broth. Seeth hem that they be tendre. Take brede and … Read more

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