Pearl Sago Pudding Is My Yummy Virgin Dessert

Of course, my heartfelt thanks goes to ‘Sabine’, because without her, I wouldn’t have realised that this dessert is so easy to make! And I like that I’m no longer at the mercy of dessert hawkers who spoon miserable amounts of gula melaka onto the shaved ice; I can have all of what I want. 😆

Of course, the host of this show ‘Food Safari‘ isn’t called Sabine, but for convenience sake, my significant other and I refer to her as Sabine because she looks so much like my housemistress in Dresden!

Here’s an adaptation of the recipe from the above website:


  • Pearl sago: 250g, soaked in water 1/2hr
  • Water: 3/4 big pot
  • Egg white: 1
  • Dr Oetker rum and raisin essence: 2 small bottles
  • Water: 1/2 cup
  • Gula melaka (palm sugar): 200g, chopped
  • Coconut milk: 100ml


  1. Bring pot of water to the boil (15min).
  2. Add soaked sago to water and stir frequently till transparent (15min).
  3. Strain water from sago and rinse a few times with tap water to remove starch. Set aside.
  4. Add rum and raisin essence to egg white. Beat together till soft peak forms.
  5. Pour sago into egg white mixture and stir to combine evenly.
  6. Pour sago mixture into 6 serving cups and refrigerate overnight.
  7. Place water and gula melaka in small pot and stir over low heat till dissolved.
  8. Let it cool down, then refrigerate 2 hrs.
  9. To serve: Top sago with 1-2 tbsp gula melaka and coconut milk each.


  • The egg white is supposed to make the sago softer in texture and ensure that the sago do not stick together.
  • The essence makes the pudding fragrant even without much of the gula melaka and coconut, which caters to the tastebud of those without a sweet tooth.

6 small servings for 3-6 persons

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