Coconut & Berries Panna Cotta Bars

It’s a really lovely June and July summer. The weather has never been so chilly and cool and windy at this time of the year in Singapore. I’m enjoying this windy summer working from home which I think is making the entire WFH a lot easier and addictive. This is definitely much better than working in an air-conditioned office with the air drafts blowing directly from above my head, though I still can’t get used to all the faceless and distant Skype and Zoom calls with my colleagues.

I do miss social and face-to-face interactions a lot having worked from home for the past (almost) four months. So it helps that we could start getting back to our work desk in the office once or twice a week, just to say hi to civilisation again and to get ourselves back on track with (the harsh) reality again. And it was even better to be able to have lunch with colleagues now and then (no, not in large groups) because it is not home-cooked food (no prepping and washing up required) and because it is the only time we could mask down while outside.

So here’s a little dessert to celebrate all the small steps we have taken towards the ultimate goal and freedom from COVID restrictions, with a sweet panna cotta and coconut base set into serving bars.

Ingredients (Berries Jam):

  • Frozen berries (strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, or a mixture): 750g
  • Maple syrup (or honey): 1/2 cup (100ml)
  • Coconut oil: 1/4 cup (25g)

Method (Berries Jam):

  1. Place frozen berries & maple syrup in a saucepan. Cook over high heat for about 15 – 20min till softened and reduced.
  2. Stir in coconut oil. Turn heat off and set aside to cool.

Ingredients (Coconut Cocoa Base):

  • Semi-dried sweet persimmon (or soft dried / fresh dates): 10 (200g)
  • Coconut oil: 1/3 cup (65g)
  • Rolled oats: 1 cup (100g)
  • Dessicated coconut: 1 cup (60g)
  • Ground almond: 1 cup (100g)
  • Cocoa powder: 1/4 cup (25g)

Method (Coconut Cocoa Base):

  1. Preheat oven at 160 degrees Celsius.
  2. Blend together persimmon and coconut oil.
  3. Combine persimmon mixture with rolled oats, dessicated coconut, ground almond & cocoa powder to form base.
  4. Place baking paper into 20 x 30cm slice tin. Grease well.
  5. Press coconut cocoa mixture into tin to form the base.
  6. Bake 2omin till firm. Cool slightly.
  7. Spread jam over base evenly. Chill in fridge for 2hrs.

Ingredients (Coconut Panna Cotta):

  • Powdered gelatine: 2 tsp
  • Water: 1/4 cup (60ml)
  • Coconut milk: 310ml
  • Honey: 2 tbsp
  • Freeze-dried raspberry powder: 1 tbsp
  • Dried rose petal: 1 tbsp

Method (Coconut Panna Cotta):

  1. Sprinkle gelatine over water. Stir and set aside for 5min.
  2. Cook coconut milk and honey in saucepan till it boils.
  3. Whisk in gelatine mixture. Strain and cool slightly.
  4. Pour over jam and chill 2hrs till set.
  5. Cut into bars.
  6. Top with freeze-dried raspberry powder and dried rose petals to serve.


  • This recipe was kindly adapted from Donna Hay’s ‘Chocolate, Raspberry And Coconut Panna Cotta Bars‘. I have adapted the recipe based on the ingredients I have available at home, using mixed berries instead of just raspberry as well as semi-dried persimmon instead of fresh dates.


  • The raspberry powder gives a slightly tangy, sour taste to the delicate bar, which makes it really appetising when it combines with the sweetness of the bar base and jam.

15 bars

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