Pretty Little Iced Clementines Made By The Hub

It’s almost September! Time for a dessert break!

September is a good time to start winding down from work, wherever we are in our milestones. The month seems to signal the orange light, that we’ve come a long way from January, and that we are almost there. There hasn’t been very interesting progress at work given how we are still working from home most of the time, so that work seems to be on a constant grind, suddenly gassing up and then breaking down again – on repeat mode. But I guess we’ve all come to accept that this is how it’s going to be for a long time to come (two more years? Three?)

In terms of personal life, well, there are some things in life that I realise will come only once in a lifetime but unfortunately have to be missed. The boy’s pre-school graduation ceremony will not happen anymore, so as a proud parent of only one child, I’m never ever going to see my boy trot on the stage to receive his certificate. In that deep blue graduation gown and hat. All the children would have looked so cute, mine especially. So many missed opportunities and possibly good old memories to be made.

That said, we recently managed to secure a place in a nearby primary school for the boy and can’t be happier. This whole choking, rather stressful balloting process to get him in somewhere is over. Finally. Am just going to keep my fingers crossed that we are able to sneak in to the school with him at least, for a day during his orientation or his first day at school. Can’t wait to see him in the school uniform 🙂

And as the weather continues to turn chilly, it seems to have set off a desire in my hub to churn out even more cold desserts for the family. His recent experiment is this clementine, made from orange slush and syrup – courtesy of a library book titled below in the disclaimer. He is also currently experimenting with Magnolia ice-cream recipes, hoping to get that soft serve within encased with a thin layer of chocolate. It turned out very well, just perhaps aesthetically not up to his standard yet. He says he may try this out again, so I’m definitely looking forward to blogging about it soon!


  • Clementine: 8, large
  • Superfine caster sugar: 80g (1/2 cup)
  • Water: 50ml (4 tbsp)
  • Lemon juice: from 1 lemon


  1. Slice top of 6 clementines off to make the lids.
  2. Scoop flesh of clementines into a bowl, keeping the shells intact and removing as much membranes as possible. Place shells and lids in freezer.
  3. Gently heat and stir sugar and water in a pan till dissolved. Boil for another 3min without stirring.
  4. Leave sugar syrup to cool. Then stir in lemon juice.
  5. Finely grate the rind from the remaining 2 clementines into the juices. Squeeze the juice in as well.
  6. Process the clementine flesh in a blender. Strain juice into mixture (about 450ml / 2 cups). If necessary, top it up with orange juice.
  7. Pour mixture into a shallow tray or container. Freee 3 – 4 hrs before scraping the sorbet, then return to freezer again. Repeat twice, till sorbet is formed.
  8. Scoop sorbet into clementine shells and cover with lid. Leave to freeze overnight.
  9. To soften the sorbet, transfer clementines to the fridge 30min before serving.


  • This recipe was kindly adapted from Joanna Farrow’s and Sara Lewis’ Ice Cream: 150 Delicious Recipes Shown in 300 Beautiful Photographs.

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