Chinatown On A Saturday – A Walk Down Memory Lane

Da Zhong Guo

Reminiscence. Unequivocal sentiments and longing. This is the place in which I grew up and gradually grew to become fond of.

Moon Cakes and Teochew Candies

 This is the mooncake shop ‘ 大中囯’ (Da Zhong Guo or literally ‘Big China’) which sells mainly traditional mooncakes during the mooncake festive seasons. When the season is out, customers can still find delight in the various delicacies baked and sold here, such as the Teochew candies and Chinese pastries, as shown above.

Chess Experts

I’ve never known how much of a ‘Chess Paradise’ this place is. As the saying goes,

Men do not quit playing when they grow old; they grow old when they quit playing.’

How very true! It’s amazing to see that heartlanders do engage in such intellectual activities during their free time after all, though I would be ashamed to admit that such a form of leisure is too intellectual for my less-than-desirable mental well-being.

Does blogging count as an intellectual activity?

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