Oriental Beef Instant Noodles

To all my dear readers, my Hungry Peepor database recently underwent an update and suffered a huge loss of data. Should you see any blog posts that are truncated and incomplete, it’s all thanks to this suddenly imposed updating by the system administrator of sorts (whoever that is). Sad, because it’s almost my lifetime of recipes saved inside here, but I’ve got to move on with what I still have.

Here’s another simple version of maggie mee stir-fried using beef tenderloin and mushrooms, served with kimchi and an egg. Very simple and tasty, easy to accomplish by yourself at home within ten minutes.


  • Instant noodle: 2 packs
  • Extra virgin olive oil: 1 tbsp
  • Red onion: 1, finely chopped
  • Beef tenderloin: 100g, finely diced
  • Parsley: 1 stalk, finely chopped
  • Mushroom: 100g, diced
  • Salt: 1/2 tsp
  • Ground blackpepper: a dash
  • Fish sauce: 1 tbsp
  • Kimchi: 100g
  • Egg: 2, fried with sunny side up


  1. Cook instant noodles. Rinse with cold water and drain.
  2. Heat olive oil in wok. Fry red onions till softened.
  3. Stir in beef, parsley, mushroom, salt and blackpepper.
  4. Add in noodles and fish sauce. Serve hot with kimchi and sunny side up.


  • This is an adaptation of the ‘Maggie Mee’ recipes that came from The Sunday Times dated April 2007.

  • I changed out the tomatoes and replaced them with mushrooms instead. This is because the boy hates tomatoes (finds them yucky) and I have no idea why!

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