Rarity Is A Day So Fine And Dandy

Earlier in the day yesterday, an Iranian lady, Rayhana, was extremely friendly and kindhearted enough to bring us to the suburban area – Arnison Centre – to look at where we could possibly find cheap steals. There were so many big supermarkets there! Sainsbury, Lidl etc plus fast food restaurants like McDonald’s and KFC. Wow! Now we know where to get our weekly groceries from!

We were jumping with joy when we saw how cheap the jams were. The lemon curd, something that cannot be found in Singapore, costs only 22p (S$0.50), whereas the peanut butter costs only about 59p (S$1.30)! And look at the pork cubes! So adorable!

In addition, yesterday was a great day to tour the city centre, what with the tall hanging clouds and sunshine. We managed to snap to a few good pictures, though sadly, were still denied access to climb the cathedral tower due to a service in progress when we reached there.

 On the other hand, today was a grey and wet day to be out, and unfortunately, I had to force myself to trek across the few miles to complete the medical and bank registrations at the Howlands Building. My umbrella was blowing in the wind like a mad woman protesting against the wind. My, oh my.

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