A Weekend Out & About But Still In County Durham

This morning, we went to the Sainsbury and Asda at the Arnison Centre again for our groceries, but this time with Anna, a nice Ukrainian girl who stays next block. It was great chatting with her during lunch time at the McDonald’s too; found out that she’s the only one doing PhD in Russian Language in her department!

I was permitted to get my weekly dosage of bon bons, and so decided to get this cute looking one called ‘Flying Saucers’. 😀 It’s really just styrofoam with some bits of sour powder in the middle.

At the marketplace where we managed to catch some remnants of the Saturday Market that takes place every Saturday morning, I caught sight of this beautiful German Shepherd (I assume) and asked to take a picture with it. It’s such a lovely dog, and I couldn’t take my hands off its fur. Lovely!

The pictures below are some of the first of nature and the surroundings in Durham that I took ever since I reached here. I hope to take more of these, and hopefully better ones, during the coming weekends, before schoolwork reins me in!

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