Weekend At The Beamish Museum – A World Famous Open Air Museum

It’s always necessary to reward myself with some treats for finishing my homework on time. I think I’m here to play more than to study… I’m dead meat. But my professor told the class that the Beamish museum is a must-go, plus he had to mention his love for the confectionery sweet shop located there… it seemed as if he’d found my Achilles Heel with just one glance at me.

So I casually told the guy – let’s go do some research for my project. And so we did.

The bus ride to the museum was pretty swift – less than a half an hour. The day was bright and sunny, though a tad too cold to start with.

We did quite a lot of crazy things together, the most memorable being the merry-go-round ride that cost GBP1.50 per person. I thought it was worth the while spending this amount to sit on a steam-powered, smoky, noisy carousel, because I was finally able to fulfill my long-desired lust for the ride (I’ve deprived myself for 29 years already). I could also see for myself how the music was rolled out when the operator spun the metal scores into the juke box. With the toy soldiers and ballerinas tapping to the beat at the center – I actually believed I was in dreamland, even long after I got down from the horse.

Then, of course, there was the confectionery shop, with tons of sweets and chocolates waiting to be picked at. Nothing spectacular I guess, though the old dusty boxes displayed at the windows really brought back sweet and redolent memories.

Of course, having seen so many pigs in the farm lands, I was gently reminded to commemorate their presence through different ways and means:

On the whole, the museum was a historical collection of buildings and spaces in which we could visit, and I was impressed by the cleverness of the curator in planting actors and actresses within these buildings, as if they really do belong there.  The most impressive of all was that these ‘roaming ancestors’ served with a heart.

Lovely place, warm atmosphere, a natural landscape with a  beautiful ambiance. It makes me more motivated and inspired to do well for my course, to serve up the same standards of service in the same sector on my plate. Lo and behold!

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