Out of the Otherland And So The Journey Ends

It has indeed been a long journey. I started this science-fiction series a few (maybe three?) years ago, and today, I finally touched the light at the end of the tunnel.

The end of the story was a touching and satisfactory one. At the very last page, I tried to recall the various events that occurred in the previous volumes, but realised that I can’t anymore. I am utterly bemused by the ability of the writer to churn out such a complicated plot in order to reach a commonplace ending. It certainly takes one with an eye for minute details to be able to craft an absolutely fictitious fiction like this.

I pondered on the immense possibilities that an Otherland could bring for us. Should we continue life after death in such a way? Would it render the word ‘life’ meaningless then, because life, as it means in the Otherland, no longer depends on interaction within a reality but a mere touch of one’s imagination? I think Tad Williams has effectively unveiled the unforeseeable scope of technology in the future of mankind. I am not quite sure if this was his intention, but it definitely provokes an unknown fear in us at the same time it triggers hope. I do hope that eventually, there will be more of the latter. In any case, I would prefer to stick to the conservative side of life – to see it as an elusive entity so that I can achieve more within my own ability, untouched by virtual capability – whatever that is.

For anyone interested, the whole series of the Otherland books can be found here.

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