Roast Pork Belly II (Noch Einmal)

Does a huge oven make a difference to everyday home-cooked dishes? – Yes, huge differences.

Does a huge oven make things taste and look better? – Yes, by a few notches.

This version of the first and original recipe is supposed to be an attempt to make the skin crispier and the meat juicier and more tender. It’s definitely much better, judging by the look itself. Not only did I leave it overnight in the fridge to drown in the salt; I added a dollop more honey and black pepper to it too. But I still think something is amiss… so if a Roast Pork Belly III emerges, that’s probably the best I can do. Let’s just make do with what I have for now. 😉

On an interesting note, I realise that back in Singapore, I have a tendency to cook more western cuisines, whereas here in Durham, oriental cuisines triumph that of the local ones in affecting my decisions of what to cook. It’s strange how ones subconscious works to make one crave constantly and continuously for more of what one does not have. Always.

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