Second Module Done!

It’s nice to know that this time round, I had a chance to handle a £2000 plus luxurious item like ivory, one that belonged to the 17th century of the Mughal period in India. The last time round, it was such a small piece of brass that it would have easily gotten lost on on my desktop.

I’m finally done with the second module of the MA course – three more to go.

It’s been a great journey of discovery. I kept telling people about the nightmares I had which almost always involved me writing these reports and which saw me uncovering some mysterious shrouds of secrecy, sort of like some dark secrets which lay hidden from civilisation. Yet I’ve learnt a lot in the whole process, peeling off these shrouds layer by layer to piece together bits and pieces of information, like an investigator would The feeling of euphoria, when one suddenly realises what the clues imply, is more than orgasmic; the sense of accomplishment, regardless of the eventual result, is beyond any words can describe.

This is perhaps the last piece of artefact drawing for the year 2011, but I look forward to further opportunities of doing so in future. Otherwise, the ink that’s left in my drawing pens would dry up.

Now, I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that nothing will go wrong with this report.

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