We Are The Children Of A Supernova & A Small Dot In Firmament

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I’ve been having a lot of thoughts lately about the meaning of life.

It was first triggered by the documentary ‘Wonders of the Universe’, and then the lecture on ‘Fate of the Universe’ . Both mentioned the fact that Mother Earth is just one out of the billions of stars in our galaxy, which is in turn one out of the thousands of billions of galaxies in the whole universe. The world is so insignificant, compared to this ginormous concept of the universe. How certain is mankind that there isn’t life anywhere else in this space? If Earth is indeed the only place within this huge expanse that subsumes life, then there’s no reason why we shouldn’t embrace the existence of miracles. By ‘miracles’, I mean scientific ones, of course.

A side note here: referring to the universe as ‘our universe’ is uber misleading. It doesn’t belong to us because we are merely a part of it.

It used to confound me how a telescope could function as a time machine –  that the light man sees in the sky could represents an event which occurred millions or billions of years ago. It’s also fascinating how man could, from a meteorite, identify compositions brought into being several thousands of light years ago. The concept of time applied to the functions of the universe – millions, billions, even trillions of years – is one that will never fit within the intellectual faculties of human beings because we all live for such an insignificantly short time. Nature, not to mention evolution, is unfolding at such a tortuously  protracted rate, stretched over an improbably interminable span of time, that by the time the story rolls to an end,  there would be no one left to witness and applaud its finale.

All of these have helped me put things into better perspectives with regard to life as well. In understanding the fact that life, in general,  is not eternal – everyone and everything (including the universe!) is going to meet the same end eventually – I could persuade myself more convincingly to ignore the flaws and misdemeanors in others, and probably those of mine as well. Perhaps, it is this subconscious understanding within each of us about our ultimate fate that leads to egocentrism and greed in some of our behaviours. The blame game that we play on one another, while self-beneficial, serves no purposeful end. At the end of the day, there really is so much more to life that we should focus our attention on, as opposed to getting oneself hot under the collar whenever frivolous hiccups occur. I think I’ve had enough unearthing the imbecilities of some of life’s worst dimwits. It’s time I move on to everything bright and beautiful.

Note to self: return to nature; eliminate all self-conscious thoughts. (And there, I’ve just created another irony of life!)

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