Nothing Between Myself And The World & Finding The Spring Of Hope

I just want to spend some time indulging in this picture.
The fragrance of the flower dew, radiating from its rims,
The excitement of spring, propelling the air molecules,
The flamboyance of nature, tipping off the scale of wonders.

But sometimes, things do get me down, down, down under.
The cold that springs its sudden attack,
The homesickness that squeezes my throat dry,
The ridicule that broke loose from seventh heaven.

I need to recover my poise now, quickly.
Before I get sucked into the nasty pit,
I need to feel the light breeze,
Gently caressing my tresses,
And carting away my displeasure.

I know with assured certainty,
When I look at this picture,
That nature will be there for me,
So long as I keep my mind open,
And my eyes ajar,
To receive the perpetuity of the wonders of the world.

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