Secrets Beneath: Ancient Chinese Burial Practices And Beliefs

The launch went all well – my virgin exhibition is now up and running.

I love the red panels against the black walls.

I love the black display cases lit up by the blazing spotlights.

I love the cozy feel of the exhibition effected by the pulled down blinds.

I love the ‘Fun Corner’ with the game, activity sheets and display board – all of which were designed by myself.

Most of all, I love the feeling of immense satisfaction when I see people of all ages deriving jollification by the ‘Fun Corner’.

Reviews have also started to come in already:

It’s not altogether perfect though. The process of reaching the beginning of the end was a gruelling one, with bountiful conflicts and miscommunication. But it’s been a most characteristically-moulding process which I hope could bring me one step further to my eventual goal.

On a side note, this exhibition is run under a very tight budget of £1000, which means that visitors cannot and should not expect there to be a lot of items or fanciful gadgets on display. Sometimes, simplicity isn’t an excuse but a necessity. We did all we could to ensure a self-sufficient gallery, for one and all.

I hope everyone will enjoy the visiting experience.

Disclaimer: The above websites will only be available till 4th September 2011.

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