Kaya Spread – An Egg & Coconut Concoction For Breads

Kaya spread is something that I’ve always been wanting to try out back in Durham, but due to the inavailability of pandan leaves, did not.

Here is a very simple kaya recipe to create a batch of wonderful morning delight!


  • Egg: 4
  • Sugar: 150g
  • Coconut milk: 250ml
  • Pandan leaves: 8 blades, washed, crushed and tied into a knot


  1. Whisk eggs in mixing bowl at low speed to break up the yolks.
  2. Gradually add in sugar and whisk at full speed for about 3min.
  3. Gradually add in coconut milk and whisk at full speed for another 2min.
  4. Place mixture into a metal bowl. Add pandan leaves.
  5. Place bowl over a water-bath and double-boil for 1 hr over low heat.
  6. Stir continuously to prevent burning. The mixture will gradually become greener and thicker.
  7. Remove leaves from mixture and the bowl from the heat. Leave to cool before chilling in the fridge.


  • The pandan leaves are a must-have to ensure that the spread turns into a nice green colour. Otherwise, it’ll turn brown, which is the way some bakeries sell them as well.


1 bottle/container of spread

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