Sweet Dreams in Otherland While The Days Get Colder

Drink-Coffee-Poster - Source from Google Bilder

The one thing that gets me in the happiest state of mind in Dresden nowadays could only be the arrival of a tram. It’s as if that is the only thing people here are waiting for in their life. To get into a place cozy and warm, or simply any place that is not cold.

Yesterday, I woke up from a sweet dream (I woke up laughing about I-don’t-know-what) to see snow on the balcony. It was a sweet morning, except for the coldness that flooded into the room. The white-washed scenery makes me wonder why there can’t be snow without the cold, though I understand this is something that only a science-idiot can say.

I’m so glad that I can wake up feeling snug and warm in my bed, under my woollen blanket, every morning. It would be even better if it comes with a hot cup of coffee.

That’s just human nature.

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