Diving Into The Southeast Asia Aquarium (S.E.A.A.)

Catfish Sea CucumbersAbove: A school of catfish; Below: Sea cucumbers lying alongside a tiger cowry shell

These are some of the many pictures that I took inside the S.E.A. Aquarium back in October. The sea jellies are among the list of my most favoured breed of marine animals swimming in the tanks, what with the mysterious aura they exude and the seemingly enigmatic gravity-defying habitats they live in. Oh, and not to forget that they feed on the legendary sea monkeys for sustenance as well. How much more intriguing can these creatures get?

Sea Jellies 4

Sea Jellies 5 Sea Jellies 9

Sea Jellies 8

As these pictures were taken with my mere Samsung S3 LTE, plus the fact that most of the habitats and tanks were either too dark or lit with artificial lights, many of them were lacking in the aspects of resolution and sharpness. Nevertheless, they suffice as lasting memories of the magical moments I had inside an attraction that holds the world’s largest aquarium.

Coral Garden

Habitat 2

Habitat 6 Above: Coral Garden; Middle & Below: Various coral & fish habitats


GaroupaAbove: Box fish; Below: Grouper


Sea Star 2 Above: Cuttlefish; Below: Sea star showing its rows of tube feet and a stomach in the center

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