Through The Green Corridor Into The Past

Bridge Bridge 2 I didn’t know about the existence of this trail till he mentioned it to me. Its name, The Green Corridor, was immediately appealing and triggered my curiosity, especially after I got to find out more about its historical significances and the sentimental values left behind by the chugging sound of trains long gone.

Having decided to give this trail a sincere attempt, we went straight to the entry point located nearest to the Buona Vista MRT and followed the trail all the way from Buona Vista to Queensway and then continued from there to the now-defunct Tanjong Pagar railway station. Our adventure lasted for about three and a half hours (including a lunch break), measuring about six kilometres in all.

Destination Bridge

During the span of our walk, we realised how easy it was to enter or exit from the trail at any point, such that one does not have to feel lost or stuck within the lush piece of greenery at any point in time. Not only is the entire stretch of the trail easily accessible from the main roads and expressways; it is also located near to major landmarks and MRT stations. As such, we were able to view familiar structures and buildings from totally different angles and perspectives. The gradual unravelling of the quiet sanctuaries existing ‘down under’ – within the hustle and bustle of everyday life – makes it all the more worthwhile to tread on this trail, in particular on a humdrum weekday afternoon.

Red LeafDried PodsMimosaTrumpet Flower 2Dragonfly

So, what really is left of this whole stretch of land space after the train service ceased its operation in July 2011? There has been an ongoing series of effort by the Nature Society (Singapore) to actively promote public awareness of The Green Corridor so as to preserve the remaining footprints of the past relationship between Singapore and Malaysia. More importantly, the Nature Society hopes to push for the transformation of the railway land into a clean and green transport route that carries forth the task of bringing people from one to the other end of Singapore – without having to compromise on the natural environment. Achieving such aims might be deemed as a tall order by many, but I personally see it as a laudable endeavor – one that is worthy of unquestionable support.

Visit The Green Corridor website if you are keen to learn more about this proposal; show your support for a good cause now!

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