Creating Daily Objects From Scratch With Photoshop

MP3 Player

This tutorial touches on the creation of an MP3 with the use of the shape tools (rectangle, rounded rectangle) and many layer styles (gradient overlay, shadow, glow, bevel and emboss) to create the sleek, metallic effect of the player interface. An interesting thing that I have learnt is that there actually is such a font (free to download) called Guifx v2 Transports which allows users to type in the common symbols found in video and audio interfaces!

Try out the tutorial. Go to Create A Sleek And Stylish MP3 Player In Photoshop‘. Other fonts used in the tutorial can be found below:

Leather Bag

This tutorial teaches on the use of not just the shape tools, but also the paths created by these shapes in the ‘Paths’ palette to create interesting borders using self-created brush patterns. It is actually a fascinating process to recreate every feature on the bag because I get to observe simple details that I have never bothered about previously. The clever manipulation of the leather texture via layer styles helps to bring out the desired effects – as if you could really feel and smell it!

To try out the tutorial, go to ‘Create A Leather-Textured, Realistic Briefcase Icon‘. The leather texture used in the tutorial can be found can be found at stock.xchng.

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