Und So Weiter… Jetzt Geh Hin.

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The crashing down of the AirAsia jet was not exactly the best way to end off the year 2014. Neither was the stampede at the year-end concert in Shanghai what the party-goers had in mind at all. But this was the harsh reality that came upon the most unfortunate, at a most unexpected time of the year.

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If only we could blank out all these tragic occurrences at the flick of our hands, though such nonchalant and ignorant behaviours would fail to bring us further forward. Reading about such news always makes me ponder the meaning of life; the more I think about what have happened, the more convinced I am that leading a simple and an uneventful life has to be the most blissful life one could ever have. Yet living it simple is not something we could easily take for granted, given the constant challenges life poses to us at every available opportunity. It requires a complete mindset change as well as a whole truck load of luck and good fortune to last a lifetime.

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I told the guy that my lifelong wish is to have a happy and healthy life, as well as for him and the little one to lead this life with me. H&H. That is, assuming that for the next fifty to sixty years or so (assuming, too, that we live till a ripe old age of ninety years old), nothing tragic happens to any one of us, including our dearest family members and friends. At the end of my journey, I hope to be able to look back and heave a final sigh of relief and contentment to congratulate myself for being one of life’s most halcyon beings.

This simple wish is a lot to wish for indeed. So, let’s just take it one step at a time for now.

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I have neither any new nor fanciful New Year resolutions in 2015 per se, because I’ve stopped asking for more. Pregnancy has also injected in me a bout of desire to stay satisfied with my job, though faint thoughts of career progression still lurks at the back of my mind. At this point in time, I am trying to get used to mouthing the phrase ‘my son’; in two to three months’ time, many things will change – for better or worse. I hope that I will be able to cope with the new stresses and challenges that come with being a mother, a wife, a daughter and an employee all at the same time. I hold no expectations of how well I would cope, though I know for sure that I will do my best in ensuring my baby grows up healthy and happy. H&H.

Miss Sazabi

So long, adulthood. Motherhood is intently inking its first chapter on a new page already. Perhaps it’s a good time for me to emend and revise my childhood chapters too.

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