Turning Red Bean Soup Into Popsicles

Red Bean Ice-Cream

What do you do with a pot of leftover red bean soup? It would be a total waste to throw it away. If you live in a warm and humid country like mine, sweet dessert leftovers like this usually do not fail to make for a good and refreshing chilled treat.

Back then, my gynecologist was persuading me to eat more ice-cream to boost my baby’s weight inside the tummy. That was why I bought the Potong ice-cream mix from the supermarket, with mango, durian, red bean, burbur chacha, corn and jackfruit flavours. Disappointingly, these commercial popsicles do not stand the test of time; the stark absence of the authentic fruity flavours such as those of the past cannot be ignored. I greatly miss the thirty to forty cents red bean popsicles that I used to grab from my neighbourhood mama shop – they were thick in flavours and chock full of red beans.

Since my gynecologist gave me the green light to indulge in such icy cold treats, I decided to make my own red bean ‘Potong’ ice-cream to munch into, a last bit of effort I could offer to the little one to increase his weight before birth back then. I must say, they taste really good – almost like the ones I used to have in the past. In fact, I must say, red beans do taste a lot better as popsicles than they are as dessert soups! 😛

Yummy… it is a great way to reminisce the good memories of my childhood. I will definitely try this again next time!


  1. Simply follow the recipe in my previous blog post ‘A Bowl Of Red Bean Soup With Sweet Glutinous Rice Balls‘.
  2. Add about 1 – 2 tbsp more rock sugar into the soup before removing from heat.
  3. Leave soup to cool in the refrigerator for 3 hrs till soup becomes thickened.
  4. Pour the chilled soup into a popsicle container. Leave to freeze overnight and voila!

8 popsicles

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