Rich & Creamy Avocado Smoothie

Avocado Smoothie 2

Avocado Smoothie

I’ve had a love-hate relationship with avocado for a while last year. It started off when I began to drink avocado milkshake during my pregnancy, something my gynecologist wanted me to do to put on more weight. I got addicted to the shakes and continued to drink them regularly throughout my 2nd and 3rd trimesters.

After the baby was born, I wanted to blend a similar milkshake at home for myself, having stolen some ideas from the fruit juice stall owners whom I frequented. The first few times I bought avocados, they were too unripe and therefore too hard to spoon out of the skin. The 2nd time round, I did some research online and reminded myself to make sure that I pick one that is neither too green nor too brown. The avocados turned out too ripe and soft. My luck didn’t get any better at my third and fourth attempts. I was already on the verge of giving up.

Later on, we decided to let the little one try some fresh avocados when he reached his six-months milestone. The guy bought some fresh ones from the market and voila! They were just nice! Really ripe and soft and fresh and creamy. I wanted to have them all for myself, except, oh well, it was meant to be for the little one so…. The guy taught me that I should use my fingers to do the press test on the avocados instead of just looking at the colour of their skin. The freshly ripe ones should feel like you are pressing your thumb onto the index finger – it would compress slightly, not too much, after a bit of pressure is exerted. This method worked really well. So, for the first time, ladies and gentlemen, I could have my avocado smoothie at home. Finally.

You should expect more avocado recipes in my blog in time to come. Soon.


  • Ripe avocado: 2
  • Milk: 200ml (1 cup)
  • Lime juice: 2 small limes
  • Gula melaka (cane sugar): 2 tbsp, melted with 2 tbsp water (or substitute with 2 tbsp honey)
  • Ice: 1 cup


  1. Blend avocado, milk, lime juice, gula melaka and ice together in a blender till smooth.
  2. Serve chilled.

Avocado Smoothie 3


  • Using gula melaka gives the drink a very deep, fragrant taste that cannot be achieved with either sugar or honey. Nevertheless, if it’s too troublesome to melt gula melaka, or if it’s inaccessible, then using honey would do just as well.

2 cups

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