Pink Piggy Fondant Cake For The Little Bub

Piggy Birthday Cake

Piggy Birthday Cake 2

Made a piggy fondant cake for the little bub’s first year birthday celebration last week. Am glad it turned out better than I thought, though the whole process was rather messy, given that I didn’t have the right tools to handle the fondant with, including the fondant smoothing plate and the turntable. But I survived; the cake survived the entire one hour journey without melting away as well. Most importantly, the candle was blown and the cake was cut and all went well till the end of the day.

Which finally marks the first milestone of the little bub, with more to come of course.

I wish my little bub the best of health and happiness always.

Recipe coming up soon (too busy playing with the little one this week, ops!). Look out for it in my next blog post!

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