Knocking on My Childhood’s Door To Revisit A Past Time

Left: Sketch of poster; Right: Completed poster with colour

Left: Sketch of poster; Right: Completed poster with colour

I was both surprised and relieved to know that my drawing cum colouring skills, using my favourite set of Colleen colouring pencils (it’s been left untouched in my cupboard for almost 10 years) have not forsaken me after all. It was an impulse that made me pick up the set of Sailormoon cards (no, I’ve never liked the cartoons). Thereafter, this impulse made a turn into the fast lane. The sketching, sharpening of pencils, shading and outlining of characters continued persistently. There was no way I could stop myself from the long-awaited and long-exalted delirium.

This is one of the real luxuries in life – to be able to completely immerse oneself in what one likes to do. It sort of helps one to forget about the fleeting reality too.

I can just stare at their eyes and get lost… ha.

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