Brain-Freeze Frappuccino Right At Home


Frappuccino 2

I rarely have the chance to eat junk food or drink softies or such nowadays. We rarely eat out – the three of us – reason being it’s difficult to find decent food to feed the little boy out of the house. When we do, it has to be real decent food. Which means mummy and daddy cannot sneak in any junks or cold drinks too because the little boy is smart and will want a share of it too.

I am a strict mum in this way, yes. It’s been proven that what you eat from young affects how you eat as an adult and the rest of your life. My husband grows up eating very little snacks and sweets because his family didn’t allow him to do so frequently; he grew up with very healthy dietary habits and snacks only when I place food in front of his face. I grew up in a family where there was always ice-cream in the fridge and snacks in the cupboard. There were always room for desserts at night and sweets here and then. My teeth had it worst in recent years when I had to go for several crowning at the dentists yet I still continue with the habit of snacking in between meals. Can’t get rid of old habits now, but I’m sure I’m going to have to change my ways sooner or later to convince my boy not to follow suit.

Anyway, talking about cold drinks and blendies like frappuccinos, it’s one of those must-have drinks when one visits coffee places like Starbucks or Coffeebean. Even though I am not fond of these sweet drinks nowadays (I’d much prefer to have my hot cup of cappuccino any time), it is still heavenly to be able to indulge in a cup once in a while.

So why not have it at home then? Oh wow, just thinking about it makes me salivate!


  • Freshly brewed coffee: about 300ml in all
  • Ice cubes: 2 cups
  • Granulated sugar: 4 tbsp
  • Almond milk: 2 cups
  • Cinnamon powder: to serve
  • Chocolate powder: to serve


  1. Make 2 small cups of coffee as you usually would, about 300ml in all. I brewed 2 servings of Vanilio Nespresso coffee capsules on my machine (2 x Lungo, 150ml each), added 2 tsp of sugar and 2 tsp of creamer to each serving.
  2. Pour coffee into ice-cube trays and leave inside freezer to set.
  3. Remove coffee ice-cubes into blender.
  4. Add ice-cubes, sugar and 1 cup of milk. Blend till smooth.
  5. Add remaining cup of milk. Blend till smooth and frothy.
  6. Sprinkle with cinnamon or chocolate powder to serve.

Frappuccino 3


  • You can also use 3-in-1 instant coffee powder to make your coffee, whichever is easier for you.
  • Freezing the brewed coffee into ice-cubes first makes the blend even icier and prevents the drink from becoming watery too quickly.
  • I used almond milk to enhance the fragrance and depth of the frappuccino taste.

2 cups

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