Smoked Salmon & Rice Salad Parcels

It’s a luxury for me to be able to eat raw or smoked salmon slices once in a while. The taste of the raw fish slices which melt in your mouth is reason enough for one to spend over-the-top money for the really good quality ones. It is also a great idea to use smoked fish slices to make a parcel out of rice and salad, so that you can gobble up all the goodness in it once and for all.

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Shiratama Dango With Red Bean Paste (Japanese Mochi)

The guy has been going on about this recipe for a while. He’s steeply into the Japanese culture now that he’s learning Japanese and attempting to understand this intriguing and truly unique culture.

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Crunchy Roasted Chickpeas

We just celebrated the boy’s fourth birthday in school this week. He’s been looking forward to his birthday ever since the beginning of March (yes!), looking forward to changing the calendar in his room from the month of March to the month of April, and looking forward to having a cake and company for this celebration. And he got all that he wanted – a double celebration with his friend who shares the same birthday as him in class. We were there to share the joy with him. We saw how happy he was to be able to distribute the cake and goodie bags to his friends. He was jumping all around and up-and-down non-stop. It was pure and simple joy that we saw from a four-year-old.

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Healthy Avocado & Cherry Tomato Sandwich

I love the colours of this sandwich – a bright red and a healthy green.

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Sichuan Fish With Pickled Mustard Greens & Sichuan Peppercorns (四川酸菜鱼)

Just a really simple and fuss-free dish to share with everyone. Enjoy! 🙂

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