Easiest Instant Pot Mac & Cheese

Instant Mac & Cheese

Instant Mac & Cheese 3

I am always cautious about making sure that my recipe posts don’t turn into complaint bombs of the misdeeds that the little tot has conducted. But my life revolves around him every second of my life (at least it does when I’m not working at the office), and he is practically always by my side. Yes, almost always. Even when he plays with his toys, he will make sure that I am within sight and within his radar – once I step out of the room, or show any intention to do so, he will immediately shoot up, head towards the door and lead me back into the room. I’m constantly held captive by this little mobile energy power bank. Help!

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Authentically Singapore Prawn Noodles

Singapore Prawn Noodle

Singapore Prawn Noodle 3

Whenever I see prawn noodles, I think back to the times when my parents brought all of us to the prawn noodle stall near Pasir Panjang, along the shophouses at the main road headed towards Haw Par Villa. I can’t remember exactly where the shophouses are located now but I’m sure I will be able to recognise it if I were to head down again. My parents loved the prawn noodles – the prawns were large tiger prawns and very fresh ones too; the broth was tasty and infused with the pork rib fragrance. The only thing they complained about was the cost. A bowl of prawn noodle could cost between $8 to $10, which is a lot of money back then. Read more

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Thai Style Pandan Chicken Stir-Fry

Pandan Stir-fry Chicken 2

Pandan Stir-fry Chicken

Just a simple recipe that I would like to share with all of you – one that was taken from a newspaper cutout and that has been kept in my cupboard for the longest time now.

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A Treat With Pan-Grilled Tuna Steak

Pan-Seared Tuna Steak

Pan-Seared Tuna Steak 2

The guy and I have been harbouring this thought for a long time now. We’ve been wanting to try cooking a chunk of tuna steak on a grill pan at home, but given that it’s such an expensive piece of ingredient, we’ve been putting it off for a long while. Plus, none of us was confident of doing it the right way even though we’ve been watching a lot of cooking programmes like Jamie Oliver and Master Chef. These western chefs love cooking fresh sashimis on their grill plates, and when they do, I will go “Nooooo…..! They should be eating this raw!

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家常便饭 - 烩饭 (Cantonese Mui Fun)

Mui Fun 2

Mui Fun

Time really passes by very quickly, especially now that we are constantly on our toes, busying ourselves with the little boy. His ensemble of pet animals – a giraffe, a pig rattle, an Ikea pig soft toy and a furry tiger – is always lying around on the floor at every nook and cranny of the house, resembling carcasses being strewn around by a careless bomb that went off unexpectedly. He likes to walk ALL around the house with his biscuits and bread slices, making sure that the crumbs fall and follow in his exact footsteps – perhaps in an attempt to mimic the actions of poor Hansel and Gretel. Just recently, he did the most unexpected thing of all – threw his beloved bolster right out of the window while none of us was watching him (don’t worry, we have window grills). That really blew his daddy’s top off.

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