The Much Acclaimed Chapaguri From ‘Parasite’

It is the first day of January 2021. We are done with the partying and it’s going to be back to reality for us soon.

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All Sorts of Home-Made Sushi

This Christmas season has been a very unique one. Just this week, the boy had a slight cough and went to see a doctor for the cough syrup and had a Stay Home Notice slapped on him as well. So there goes our Christmas weekend. Instead of a few nice walks that I had planned in mind for all of us, we have to now stay at home and survive on board games, toys, ball kicking at the corridor and a few doses of Netflix for the next three days (five days SHN in all).

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Pesto Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes

A simple quick snack decked in red and green for the pre-Christmas weekend – decked with cherry tomatoes and a mix of pesto and cheese. Perfect as a side dish for Christmas parties, sort of like a cold tapas served before the mains.

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Eggs Mimosa (Devilled Eggs)

Theme for the weekend – green is for Christmas. With leaves and eggs and all things nice.

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Classic Runny Scrambled Eggs

This year was bad, but as human beings, we always try to squeeze some goods out of the bads. I am very fortunate to be able to have a family who loves me, and friends who still remember me (and whom I still care about) – friends I made back in secondary school, college and university. Given that I am a very nonchalant person who prefers to stay at home and carry out my usual home-making and video-watching tasks, I am very lucky that I have a bunch of friends who understand my needs and once in a while pull me out of my comfort zone to meet with them for food, chats and adventures.

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