Savoury Corn & Cheese Muffin

Time passes by so quickly… it seemed like only yesterday that my husband, son and I were at the Village Hotel Changi for a staycation, finally having a break away from work, commitments and responsibilities.

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Simply Chewy Hakka Abacus Seed (客家算盘子)

I love this dish – a lot. Its chewy texture and its stir-fried combination with minced pork and mushrooms – it is so fragrant and yummy it is simply unresistable. Every time I visit a local pasar malam and walk past a stall that sells this dish, I always feel very tempted to buy a pack of abacus seed for myself. Add some chilli to it and the pairing for this dish becomes flawless.

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Brain-Freeze Watermelon Lemonade Smoothie

A simple recipe to use up the leftover watermelon in the fridge and to calm the body and mind in the overbearingly hot weather. It is so unbelieveably easy – I love it!

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A Cheat Treat Of Kiam Png (Salty Rice) In A Pressure Cooker

This is one of my recent, most favourite one-pot rice recipes. It is a Hokkien recipe where you cook rice with enough ingredients to make it ‘salty’ – hence the term ‘kiam png‘ (literally ‘salty rice’). It is a healthy dish though, as much as it sounds unhealthy. There are vegetables, meat and rice, all to be eaten at the same time. The fragrance is irresistible and the flavours bursting with the different textures from the rice, cabbage, mushrooms, roast pork and shrimps.

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Earl Grey Tea Cream Dessert

Simple yummy dessert that exudes earl grey tea fragrance and a light creamy taste.

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