Oyster Sauce Fried Rice With Cabbage & Prawns

The crazy, busy week is finally over. I can finally take a short breather and look forward to the next few weeks to come.

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Really Delicious Eurasian Sugee Cake

This is a very delicious Eurasian cake that isn’t really very easy to bake, but worth every effort to make. The cake is made with semolina, lots of butter, ground almond and many eggs – not the healthiest cake to have but really, really delicious!

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Fusion Style Noodle Stir-Fry With Shredded Carrots

Simple stir-fry using instant noodles, vegetables, and spices for a simple long weekend at home.

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Friendly Cheese Loaves with Water Roux

This is a very interesting cheese bread loaf recipe that uses tang zhong (汤种), otherwise termed as water roux, as a dough starter. Water roux is a paste that is cooked using flour and milk. It is this paste that helps to improve the texture of the bread to make it soft and fluffy.

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Teochew Fermented Black Bean Minced Pork

The boy recently finished his first set of lessons for the Yamaha Junior Course at the Yamaha Music School. This took about half a year (yes, that long!) and we are on to the second set now, moving from the Primary 1 book to the Primary 2 book to learn how to play with two hands concurrently. It wasn’t easy for him. He took very long to settle in the new environment, with the new teacher and friends around who don’t interact much with one another. He tried very hard to learn the correct steps to play the piano and place his fingers appropriately on the electone. When he stepped out to perform during the last lesson at the end of September, he did a convincing and mistake-less round of Shoemaker and Frog Song, which made everyone in the class including myself very proud of him. I can also sense his own pride and joy. So glad we didn’t give up back then. 🙂

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