A Fusion Of East & West Simplicity With Omelette and Me(e)

Omelette Mee

This is an adapted version of one of the ‘Maggie Mee’ recipes that was published in the Straits Times, let’s see, 2 years ago? I still cook this occasionally, reason being it is bud-tempting, sinful, and most importantly, easy to prepare.

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Another Mama’s Recipe – Sambal Long Bean

Sambal Long Bean

It’s another simple dish, on another simple day, after another mad round of unbelievably intense marking. I believe I use the same method to cook almost all kinds of vegetables – kang kong and… – let’s keep it to vegetable (Sing.). Maybe I don’t cook that many types of vegetables after all. How many different kinds are there anyway?

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Chilli Udon – A Variation Of My ‘3-Minute Meal’

Chilli Udon

Just thought I should do something else today to heal my swirling brain, after a whole day of non-stop,delirious and sometimes nonsensical marking.

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Honey Chicken Wings For A Light & Fuss-Free Dinner At Home

Honey Chicken Wings

During Vesak Day?! My significant other and I were watching the news report on Buddhists releasing life during this significant day of theirs while munching happily on our chicken wings. So maybe this chicken wasn’t fated to be released. After all, Buddhists believe in fate too right?

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Schwarz ist meine Lieblingsfarbe


Manche Leute sagen, dass diese Farbe die Dunkelheit und das Übel symbolisiert. Hexen und Zauberer tragen immer etwas Schwarzes, und wenn die Nacht kommt, kann man nicht so klar sehen. Aber ohne Schwarz kann die Reinheit von Weiß nicht scheinen; ohne den dunklen Himmel können die Sterne und der Mond nicht so hell scheinen. Wir brauchen die Farbe Schwarz, um das Gute besser und klarer zu sehen.

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