Another PowerPuff Chocolate Roll Pastry

Just wanted to use up the remaining chocolate from making the flapjacks, lest they end up in my stomach. 😛

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Chocolate Flapjack – A Snack Bar With A Twist

I didn’t know such a thing as a flapjack exists until I came to the UK. In fact, it only revealed itself to me last November, while we were lunching at the Vennel’s Cafe in the city center. I’ve been tempted ever since to give it a try – both orally and skill wise.

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Understanding My Roots Through A Short History of South-East Asia

A Short History of South East Asia, Peter Church

It’s high time I do something about my (lack of) knowledge of the region in which I grew up. I gathered there could be no better way to do so than to read a concise summary of South-East Asia. This is the reason why books like that of ‘A Short History of South-East Asia‘ could become bestsellers: because of sporadic people like me who suddenly woke up to a time when everything that could have happened has already happened – without any realisation that they happened at all.

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Stir-Fried Brussel Sprouts

I wanted to do something without hassle this weekend. Brussel sprouts fit the bill just nice – a vegetable that remains stranger to our taste buds, yet is easy and uncomplicated to handle.

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Homemade Sweet Corn & Zesty Lemon Ice-Cream

Corn – this has to be one of my favourite flavours for snacks, be it for ice-cream, mochi, candies or any other desserts. This ice-cream tastes absolutely heavenly, a flavour that’s both flirty and uniquely Asian.

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