Nasi Lemak – Rice With Coconut Milk

Cooking this dish made me realise how unhealthy it is. Apart from the fresh cucumber, the rest of the side dishes are all deep fried; the rice is also cooked in the most unhealthy manner – using coconut milk. No wonder this dish is so delicious and popular in Singapore!

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A Maggie Mee Adaptation Of Braised Noodles With Sichuan Preserved Vegetables

These Maggi Mee recipes originated from the Sunday Times article back in April 2007, where a whole list of 50 yummy Maggie Mee recipes were featured. However, instead of following them in a doggedly step-by-step manner, I’ve chosen to adapt them according to my own taste and convenience (i.e. available ingredients).

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Totally Awesome Archaeology By Nick Arnold

Totally Awesome Archaeology

This non-fiction book is a gift from a friend of mine who visited me in Durham just this August. I love how the writer does not delve too deeply into the stoic matters of digging and analyses of remains. Instead, he provides readers with the fun facts of the subject matter, including horrible, gory and sometimes senseless truths which are hard to stomach. Thence the self-declared ‘100% horrible’ label on the cover page.

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Mama’s Stir-Fried Rice With Cabbage, Mushroom And Pork

I love how the fragrance of the mushrooms and dried shrimps fills the air whenever my mum cooks this dish. Ironically, since this is an easy dish to cook, it’s something that she makes when only a few of us return home for dinner.

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Kaya Spread – An Egg & Coconut Concoction For Breads

Kaya spread is something that I’ve always been wanting to try out back in Durham, but due to the inavailability of pandan leaves, did not.

Here is a very simple kaya recipe to create a batch of wonderful morning delight!

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