A Cheat Treat Of Teochew Style Braised Meat, Chicken Liver and Egg

I love eating completely braised eggs where the sauce gets right through and all around them. I always feel cheated whenever I buy a superficially braised or Chinese Tea egg where the outside looks perfectly browned and the inside tastes all bland and  makes you go ‘bleah’. I call that outright deprivation.

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Retrieving The ‘Teochew Stir-Fried Cucumber & Onion With Egg’ Taste

It is difficult. You start off not knowing exactly how it should taste like, and yet you know when you’ve gotten it wrong. I could only give it my best shot in my attempt to discover what my mama’s secret recipe contains.

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The Home-Made Mocha Ice-Cream Experiment Comes Through!

Got it right this time. Almost. If not for the misleading recipe (Da**!)

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The Handicap Of Life Abroad Is Being Too Far Away To Do Anything

I was so happy to hear the little big devil’s voice yesterday. I’m so glad to have had the chance to talk to him. In fact, I probably haven’t had such a good conversation with him for a long time already. 😆

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Home-Made Bak Kwa – 1kg For $9 Anyone?

‘Bak’ = Meat (肉)+ ‘Kwa’ = Dried (干)
So, ‘Bak Kwa’ = Dried (and sweet and barbequed) meat slices!

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