Street Calls For Char Siu Bao (叉烧包)

There are so many different types of Chinese buns – sweet corn bun, red bean paste bun, pork belly bun, two-toned chocolate buns and so on. Char siew bao (叉烧包), one filled with sweet barbecue pork meat, has got to be my favourite in terms of the type of filling. Admittedly, I do prefer the more authentic and fluffier Cantonese char siew bun popularly sold as a dim sum dish in Chinese Cantonese restaurants, but this dough is much more time-consuming to do with a whole set of steps to go through to proof the first batch of dough first before the final batch of fluffy dough can be achieved. I’ll try that next time, when there’s more time away from work.

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Nespresso Tiramisu

Tiramisu is an Italian dessert that uses a combination of whipped cream, custard, marscapone as well as coffee-dipped lady finger biscuits and cocoa powder. Interestingly, the word actual translates to ‘Pick me up‘ or ‘Cheer me up’ in Italian, something that I think majority of us do not know about at all. Tiramisu is a very popular dessert worldwide, having evolved into many different variations in restaurants and cafes today.

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Instant Noodles With Sambal Belachan & Olive Oil

Sometimes, all it takes is a little dressing and some spice and kick to create that special bowl of noodles for my meals at home. Fish sauce. Lime juice. Parsley. Voila – a perfect meal for the day!

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Heartlander Kopitiam Style Soft-Boiled Egg

This has to be our local favourite dish – soft-boiled egg with dark soy sauce. I’m not kidding. Most if not all of us in Singapore, regardless of race or religion, would have grown up eating this and loving it.

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Smoked Salmon & Rice Salad Parcels

It’s a luxury for me to be able to eat raw or smoked salmon slices once in a while. The taste of the raw fish slices which melt in your mouth is reason enough for one to spend over-the-top money for the really good quality ones. It is also a great idea to use smoked fish slices to make a parcel out of rice and salad, so that you can gobble up all the goodness in it once and for all.

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