Matcha Swiss Roll With Delicious White Chocolate Cream

I have considered the possibility of this recipe attempt becoming a nightmare. There are many challenges to overcome while making this roll: (1) the cake batter has to be baked just right (not too dense); (2) the cream mixture has to be whipped just right (not overwhipped); (3) the log has to be rolled up just right (not too loose). Also, I took a risk when I decided to pipe two stripes of red bean paste over the roll.

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Sake Stewed Plums With Vanilla Ice-Cream

I can’t recall where I got this recipe from, it was many many years ago when I was still studying. And because I was still studying, I was unable to get hold of any sake, well, legally, nor did anyone from my house drank this for leisure. So, the attempt for this recipe had to wait, till now.

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Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookies

This was a cookie recipe that I tried out during the CB, to entertain the boy and get him to continue with his Busy Baker curriculum that he used to have once a week in school. The kids learn how to cook and prepare simple types of food during their Busy Baker lessons, such as pizzas, dumplings, sandwiches in animal shapes etc. So since he was stuck at home with his mummy during the CB, I thought, we might as well try out something together as well. Something simple and which will not require too much cleaning up.

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Singapore Laksa With Lots Of Cockles

It is the Singapore National Day today. What better way is there than to celebrate this day with a bowl of Singapore laksa, one of our nations’ favourite dishes?

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Spicy Sambal Roti John

Roti John is a popular dish found within Southeast Asia, a dish that apparently originated from Singapore. ‘Roti’ means bread, and ‘John’ seems to be a name given by the British colonialists to the native vendors back then. Baguettes are used as the key ingredient to make this bread dish, sliced into half loaves, dipped in an egg mixture and then cooked with onion and meat, either beef or chicken as it is served mainly by Muslim vendors. It can serve as a side dish, or as a filling meal in itself.

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