Double Banana Bread – Guaranteed Easy!

Haven’t done this in a while, say… about 2 years or so? I started baking this bread about 5 years ago, when I saw the recipe on the cardboard box of the Post banana nut crunch cereals. Thought I’ll give it a try. It was a simple, fuss-free and dummy-proof recipe and worked amazingly.

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The Guo Tie (Chinese Pan-Fried Dumpling) Experiment

I took this recipe off a random website and adapted it to my own taste. However, to my disappointment, even though they are recognizable as Guo Ties and remotely taste like them, I do believe the recipe can be further improved upon: the filling could be much juicier and the skin a lot tastier. I’m definitely going to try this again with other ingredients for the filling and the skin. I’m gonna have to revisit my Shui Jian Bao webpage.

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A Pseudo Vegetarian Dish Of Chinese Stir-Fried Cabbages

Unless I can convince my mum to let me bring some over to her place for dinner tonight, this whole wok of vegetables is going to be my dinner for the whole of next week.

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A Healthy Wrap Of Frikadellen In This Kohlrouladen

Kohlroulade‘ means ‘Cabbage (Kohl) Roll (Roulade)’. It tastes exactly like Frikadellen, due largely to the fact that the ingredients used are about 90% similar to those used to make the Danish meatballs.

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Haus-Gemachte Frikadellen – The Classic Danish Meatballs

Haven’t made anything edible since last December. I’ve decided to make Frikadelle to start off the recipe blog for 2012 – a dish that has left a deep imprint in my mind ever since I last tried it in Frankfurt am Main in January this year.

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