Aglio Olio Pasta Senza Aglio (Garlic Oil Pasta Without Garlic Please!)

Aglio Olio Pasta is a traditional Italian dish, with spaghetti sautéd simply with garlic and olive oil (hence ‘aglio‘ for garlic and ‘olio‘ for olive oil). It is sometimes spiced up with other condiments as well, such as chilli flakes and seafood.

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The Malay Dilemma – A Book By Mahathir Bin Mohamad

I am rather apathetic when it comes to politics, especially those concerning my homeland and her neighbours. But having received rave reviews from ex-colleagues about the content of this book, I couldn’t help but be drawn to the altercations presented herein, just to see what reactions I would have in response to the aftertaste of a Malaysian politician.

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Lemon Barley Drink To Satiate My Sweet Tooth

My homesickness went up a notch over the weekend. And it just doesn’t stop there. I think of my family everyday – every single one of them.

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Secrets Beneath: Ancient Chinese Burial Practices And Beliefs

The launch went all well – my virgin exhibition is now up and running.

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Spicy & Real Sinful Fish Amok That Is Easy To Make

I saw this dish featured in the UK food show ‘Gordon’s Great Escape’ and decided to give it a try.

Fish Amok, otherwise known as Cambodian steamed curry fish, is an Asian dish served as a culinary cuisine of the Kmer tribe. Anyone who embraces the marriage of coconut and curry would definitely fall in love with this creamy and piquant fare.

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