The Malthusian Theory



Thomas Robert Malthus once presented a gloomy view of the world… that if population persists in its boom, nature, and eventually the whole of mankind, must definitely suffer because of the finite amount of resources that are available to feed the infinitely increasing number of mouths (excluding those of the animal kingdom).

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Diploma Confirmed After 3 To 4 Months Of Toiling & Siew Mais

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To cheer myself up while taking this course, I’ve always made myself look forward to the siew mais from Bugis Village, which helped to get me moving to the Fortune Centre to attend lessons. Each time I buy from the stall, I’ll make sure that all the last siew mais are polished off by myself. I can still remember the first time when I ordered 10 pieces of the delicacy, the lady had to repeat the order to make sure she didn’t misunderstand me. Another time, a customer behind me was left with no supper because I was right in front of him.

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A Simple Dish Of Hokkien Mee To Tempt The Taste Bud

Hokkien Mee

It was an accidental dish – both in the literal and literary sense. Literally – I chopped my thumb while cutting the thick spring onions… no, it was my thumb that was cut and the onions that were chopped… but that was bad enough; literary – I realised how amazingly simple it was to prepare the dish after spending just 5 minutes of my time surfing online, hence a spontaneous decision to adapt and give one recipe a try.

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Gelebte Geschichte

Ich habe letzte Samstag diese Präsentation in der deutschen Klasse gemacht. Ich möchte diese hier aufschreiben. 🙂

Hier gibt es einige Geschichte über einen Tod, eine Geburt und ein Ereignis, die am dritten Mai passiert sind.

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Lo Mai Fun (Glutinous Rice) – An Amazing Cantonese Dish

Lo Mai Fun 1

Dim Sums are never easy to make. Healthy dim sums are even harder to create, if they ever exist. Seriously… why bother?

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