The Medieval Cookbook That I Read

The Medieval Cookbook by Maggie Black. Source: The Folger Shakespeare Library

It must be strange to hear of anyone reading an entire cookbook, but that was what I just did. This book provides a fantastic insight beyond the dishes these Brits used to eat during the medieval times, giving tattling portrayals of when, where and why they ate what in flamboyant Shakespearean language.

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Egg Drop Soup (蛋花湯)

I wonder why, but the meaning of this dish has become lost in translation. ‘蛋花湯’, literally ‘egg flower soup’, describes the appearance of the egg ‘exploding’ when it cooks quickly in heat; ‘Egg Drop Soup’ on the other hand describes the way the soup is cooked – not that this is the most accurate description anyway.

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Focaccia Via Amazing Yeast

I’ve been reminding myself since I have arrived in the UK: there’s such a huge oven here in the apartment, how can I do it such injustice?

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Classic Soda Bread For My Very First Bread Baking Attempt

I’m really happy with the result, given that this is the first time I’m making bread! On the other hand, this is probably the easiest bread recipe on earth, which was the only reason why I dared to make this endeavour. All hail Channel 4 Food Recipes for having this recipe!

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An Unusually Normal Day For My Third Decade On Earth

Above: Getting high over a childhood paper-and-pen shooting game. I won!

A happy yet simple existence with no regrets – is all I ask of life.

And maybe a food processor in the near future, if wishes could come true.

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