Homemade Coconut Ice-Cream For A Tropical Spring Treat

I just don’t seem to have enough of ice-creams here in Durham. More, please!

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Party Cheese Sticks Are My Lazy Sunday Afternoon Tea Time Snack

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The Etiquette of English Tea & The Stories Behind Scones, Teacakes And Shortbreads

This was a gift from the Education Department at the Tower of London, a small little handbook on tea appreciation. What I love about it is that it is easy to digest (along with a cup of English tea), and it includes some nice recipes of scones and teacakes. The sad news is that most of these recipes require whisking – which means I’m not going to be able to make any of these nice shortbreads for myself until I head back home to where my electric whisker lays.

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Ode To My New Wok With Salted Fish Fried Rice

I’m so happy! So elated! Extremely ecstatic! ~ I’ve got a new wok! A new toy!

This, after six months of frying with an overused and undermost unqualified crockery – a saucepan. I’m on cloud nine!

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Crunch Time With Stir-Fried Bean Sprouts & Salted Fish

Which means more cooking, more recipe blogs, and more experiments in the kitchen! I’m absolutely elated! I’ve decided to start with this recipe simply because of the huge piece of salted fish that came back with me from London.

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