Home-Made Chocolate Peppermint Ice-Cream Is My Favourite Ice-Cream Flavour

Made with real mint leaves – sort of. At least I made the best use of whatever buds were growing from my mint pot. They are not growing very quickly though, so the next time I make this ice-cream, it would probably be after summer this year.

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Vitamin C Packed Onion Soup With Toast

It’s just another lazy Saturday afternoon and a simple yet nutritious dish to go along with it.

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Second Module Done!

It’s nice to know that this time round, I had a chance to handle a £2000 plus luxurious item like ivory, one that belonged to the 17th century of the Mughal period in India. The last time round, it was such a small piece of brass that it would have easily gotten lost on on my desktop.

I’m finally done with the second module of the MA course – three more to go.

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Another PowerPuff Chocolate Roll Pastry

Just wanted to use up the remaining chocolate from making the flapjacks, lest they end up in my stomach. 😛

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Chocolate Flapjack – A Snack Bar With A Twist

I didn’t know such a thing as a flapjack exists until I came to the UK. In fact, it only revealed itself to me last November, while we were lunching at the Vennel’s Cafe in the city center. I’ve been tempted ever since to give it a try – both orally and skill wise.

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