Understanding My Roots Through A Short History of South-East Asia

A Short History of South East Asia, Peter Church

It’s high time I do something about my (lack of) knowledge of the region in which I grew up. I gathered there could be no better way to do so than to read a concise summary of South-East Asia. This is the reason why books like that of ‘A Short History of South-East Asia‘ could become bestsellers: because of sporadic people like me who suddenly woke up to a time when everything that could have happened has already happened – without any realisation that they happened at all.

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Stir-Fried Brussel Sprouts

I wanted to do something without hassle this weekend. Brussel sprouts fit the bill just nice – a vegetable that remains stranger to our taste buds, yet is easy and uncomplicated to handle.

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Homemade Sweet Corn & Zesty Lemon Ice-Cream

Corn – this has to be one of my favourite flavours for snacks, be it for ice-cream, mochi, candies or any other desserts. This ice-cream tastes absolutely heavenly, a flavour that’s both flirty and uniquely Asian.

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Baked & Stuffed Portobello Mushroom Packed Over The Brim

It’s like pizza – you add what you like onto the base and then top it all off with melted cheese. The portobello mushrooms here are real cheap too – at one pound per pack of 4. It’s definitely a real deal!

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Sausage Roll Puff Magic

Even chefs use puff pastries. I really don’t see why there’s ever a need to make the pastry dough from scratch. Puff pastries are probably one of the best frozen foods invented since the 20th century.

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