Sweet French Blueberry Crepe For Dessert

Such a versatile dish – crepes. One can eat it with practically any filling – from sweet fruity conserves to salty meat slices; it can also be eaten by itself, without any filling. I personally prefer it plain – the floury buttery taste of the crepe is enough to excite my taste buds!

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Christmas Is Here! *Pause* What Have I Done This Year?

Solar Eclipse: Courtesy from the guy

Or Perhaps, a better question to ask myself would be: ‘What have I accomplished this year?’

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The English Did It Again With ‘Toad In A Hole’

What an adventurous (for lack of a better word) name. It takes one with a truckload full of imagination to make an intellectual guess at what this dish looks, tastes, or even smells like. In fact, it looks, tastes and smells world apart from how it’s been (unfairly) described. Most fortunately.

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Baked Potato With Cheesy Ham and Tuna Or What Some Would Call ‘Potato In A Jacket’

What a lovely term for a lovely food like this. The first time I had anything like this was at the Arts Canteen, while I was still a freshman at the National University of Singapore. I remember that the shop had an interesting combination too – a Burmese running a Western stall. But it was one of those stalls with fast food that’s nice and forgiving enough on the taste buds. Those were the days…

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Roast Pork Belly II (Noch Einmal)

Does a huge oven make a difference to everyday home-cooked dishes? – Yes, huge differences.

Does a huge oven make things taste and look better? – Yes, by a few notches.

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